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Frequently Asked Questions

Image management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others.

‘Image’ is a perception about you in the minds of others. People around you form a perception based on a pattern behavior and presence after a considerable time of knowing you. It is because of these people in your network or contact that we focus on our image.

An image coach is someone who identifies your core personality, behavior and social presence based on your aim in life (personal or professional). Based on this analysis, we follows a systematic and a structured process to coach you on all aspects of your image whether external like Clothing, Body Language, Verbal communication and Behavior or Life style coaching, Life skills like Emotional Intelligence, Transaction analysis, Anger Management, Good Parenting, Strength Analysis and Relationship Coaching.

Our core personality always remains the same based on which we transform you to create a socially credible personality like improvising your dressing style, communication, etiquette and body language.

The package available are very structured and follow step by step learning process which ensures the concept to be learnt thoroughly and is also cost effective however you may choose selective sessions as well.

Counselling sessions are conducted separately on client’s need basis. The charges are same as other sessions.

Since they are customized according to your requirement, the coaching fee has a range. However, it starts with a basic fee of INR. 2000/- and goes further basis your requirement.