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Image Coach

Rashi Luthra… Hi there welcome

Rashi Luthra is a certified Image Consultant trained under the curriculum of Image specialist Judith Rasband (CEO & Director Conselle Institute of Image Management). She is also a certified TTT & Soft Skills facilitator and etiquette coach. We help our clients to build an impactful visual and relaunch themselves as a personal brand through impression management.

She has trained over a thousand hospitality professionals during her job with the hotels. In order to share her hospitality graces she began training on Self Presentation and Soft skills to the corporates. As a corporate trainer she aim’s not just to maximize employee’s performance or developing new skills rather creating a creative workable environment which procreates employees as a brand image themselves. She believes “Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance”. In addition to appearance she has a perceptive eye and can fine tune your Behavior, Etiquette and Communication which will enhance your image and create a lasting first impression. After all it’s not about how you look but how you show up.

Why do you need an Image Consultant?

Did you know 93% of your communication is based on your appearance. If you get it wrong, your skills go unseen. To be an attention grabber in a boardroom, you must transform your Image. We can help you to fine tune your appearance, communication and behavioral skills and body language. Group and one on one sessions to help you to master the art of FIT. Professional dressing-let your clothes do the talking. Power dressing. Minimum clothing pieces to maximizing clothing options. Shopping made easier.


Corporate Training

  • - Winning Attitude
  • - Gaining Confidence
  • - Addressing and Presenting your ideas in Public (Verbal & Non-verbal Communication enhancement)
  • - Managing Team
  • - Think and act like a leader
  • - Power of Personal appearance in achievement of Goals (Personal & Professional Image)
  • - SWOT for Leaders
  • - Emotional Intelligence
  • - Transactional Analysis
  • - Conflict management
  • - Negotiation skills
  • - Ownership & Responsibility


Relationship Management

  • - Co-parenting & Child Parent Partnership and potential problems
  • - Family and Relationship Services
  • - Relationship Therapy - work through your issues
  • - Counselling for Single Parents and Divorced Parents
  • - Counselling for unconventional Family system


Relaunch Yourself

  • - Image makeover (Hair & Skin evaluation followed by hairstyling and make-up)
  • - Personal Branding
  • - Personal Color Evaluation (Impact of color preference physically and psychologically)
  • - Personal Style Evaluation
  • - Wardrobe Evaluation
  • - Cluster Planning
  • - Fit & Fashion – Body shape Evaluation
  • - High Self-esteem and Social Acceptance (Clothing Grooming)
  • - Body Language, Etiquette & Communication
  • - Power of Personal appearance in achievement of Goals (Personal & Professional Image)


Discover Yourself

  • - Appraisement of Self-worth, Self-confidence, Self-actualization
  • - Growth Mindset
  • - Mindfulness towards wellness
  • - Emotional Intelligence
  • - Values, Bias & Diversity
  • - Behavior & Attitude development

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"I know you don't believe me as a woman but I don't like shopping. I couldn't match pieces with each other. In my opinion I'm just following fashion not knowing if it works for me or not. I'm recommending to you Rashi’s personal styling. She has changed my mind about shopping. I've learnt a lot of little tips from her about styling. I can go shopping and I can find good pieces for me now! It's miracle for me. She's very professional and really knows these things. I wish I had done this years ago it has transformed my mornings, so easy to get dressed and feel confident each day. Thank you to Rashi."
Home Maker
"This is incredibly important as we hire an image consultant to be objective and see us with an expert eye – and she does. Her talent extends beyond understanding fashion; she understands colour, body type, image, communication and is able to bring out your best self. Rahsi does not advise you based on her personal taste or biases, rather, she selects and guides you on your personal colour palette, shape, occupation, lifestyle and personality. I have learned so much in the process of working with her, as she takes the time to teach you, and have made immediate changes. The investment is very much worthwhile and will save me time and money going forward.”
Dr. Satyapriya,
Principal Scientist
"We have organized many of Rashi’s training workshops. She is an amazing speaker, full of energy and adds lot of value to the table. I have attended many high end workshops but ers style of facilitation is unique and very practical, which can be implemented rightaway. She constantly innovates herself and that is the reason it is a pleasure being in her workshops, as she always offers something new. Rashi’s coaching skills in Personal Branding really mesmerizes the audience. I wish her all the luck"
Alishan Raza