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Are you worried about spending more money due to weight gain or weight loss?

Gaining and losing weight is a frequent phase in a women’s life. Change in body shape due to pregnancy, change in lifestyle like joining gym or leaving a workout activity, sudden diet changes or binge eating due to stress or anxiety. But do they struggle the most is managing our clothing options. Mostly women still hang certain clothing pieces which doesn’t fit or even too loose due to emotional value. Studies suggest women still keep 35% of their wardrobe inactive. Reasons: fancy outfit but tight now, ever changing women fashion or men’s fashion, fitting issues online shopping item, very old T-shirt loose now, gift by someone, emotional value, not a favorite piece, don’t know how to pair the item, need alterations, fabric pieces for future use etc. The list is exhausting!!!

This blog is about how to shop from your own wardrobe even if you have gained or lost weight. Our objective here is to have a sustainable wardrobe so that you don’t end up saying “I don’t have clothes”. I myself have lost 15 kgs weight in a span of 5 months, I’ll save that story for another blog. If you gain/lose weight around 8-10 kgs only then your size changes. Here are some tried and tested tips absolutely cost effective.

In case of weight gain:

Do not start buying new tops or loose shirts. Invest in an overlay or a shrug it helps you to hide those bulges and you can still wear old top of yours. Layering is the key when you want to cover belly fat and life saver for plus size women.


If your denims or jeggings are tad bit tight do blousing technique or pull out the shirt over the trousers. Also you can wear a camisole along with an overlay.


Create a new look by wearing your old loose fitted tank top or T-shirt on top of a regular white shirt. This gives a chic look and pair up with some bling multiple chains and a pair of sunglasses.

chic look

Use an evergreen check boyfriend shirt over a white spaghetti top pair up with jeans and wedge heels.

Weight gain broadens you a bit hence it’s advisable to wear heels to create an elongated illusion. If you are not a heel person may be you can start by wearing wedge heels. They are sturdy & comfortable.

Heels to look taller

In case of weight loss:

Don’t want to go through the hassle of alteration, tie a knot on the side of your T-shirt, twist and turn it inside.

Loose shirt tie a knot

Create a new look by using belt to tighten loose fitted top or shrug.

Loose shirt tie a belt

Use your loose tunic top and tuck them inside the jeans only from the center and leave the top outside from sides.

Front tuck

Loose jeans- not to worry wear a belt with new hole punctures.

Invest in bralettes. Pair them with boyfriend shirt and jeans.

Bralette and loose shirt

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