Confident body language

Body Language of Self Confidence

                                                 Confident Body language at workplace


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Confidence is essential at workplace in achieving your professional goals. Are you a kind of a person who is confident among friends but lacks demonstration of confidence professionally? Fidgetiness, edginess, flightiness, jitteriness, jumpiness, restiveness, skittishness …can you relate. Have you ever acted like this before when your boss asks you to speak-up?

                     How does non verbal communication contribute to our image?

We all believe that knowledge and skills boosts up the confidence but it has got a lot to do with body language, visual appearance and verbal communication. Out of all three body language is the smart way you can trick your body into appearing more confident and presenting an attractive demeanor. A confident non verbal communication contributes exponentially to your professional image at work.

We all have behaved like above when present in an uncomfortable situation. I myself being a shy and introvert person have faced consequences.  Trust me the more you practice your body language skills at your workplace, the more you exude self-confidence. Portraying an image of self-confidence will contribute immensely to your appearance.

                Tips to achieve self-confidence via professional body language

So this how you can achieve a confident body language:

Standing posture


1. Feet one foot apart: While standing do not place your feet too close, it shows that you are conscious. Keep them at a foot apart with one leg pointing forward. This body posture not only shows that you are confident but creates an attractive frame of standing posture. It can be practiced while giving presentation in a board room where all eyes are on you.

Chin up body language work place


2. Chin up: while walking or while talking. This feature corrects your entire posture and you appear more confident. It should be practiced at all times even when you are walking around in the corridors alone.

placing hands, body language at workplace


3. Placing your hands: Always keep your hand in plain sight and not hide them in pockets or back. Relaxed open palms show confidence and openness toward the other person. Also, use a little hand movement while taking. It reflects that you are genuinely thinking and believe what you are saying. It also shows that you are honest toward the other person. This enables the other person to trust you.

body language at workplace


4. Holding articles: While holding a coffee cup hold it below the chest. It obstructs the view of your face, implies that you are shying away from things in front. It also denotes that you are in control and relaxed at the same time. At workplace we are always speculating our coworkers, and hiding behind articles gives the wrong message.

eye contact, body language at workplace


5. Eye contact: Professionally or personally always maintain eye contact. Eye contact ensures confidence and builds trust. Turning away your head for either because of distraction or loss of interest shows that you are shy or under confident. You may lose trust and other persons’ comfort in talking to you.

head nod, body language at workplace

6. Head: Nodding your head while in a conversation implies that you have shown keen interest and mutual respect. Nodding head is also vital for gaining positive result because both the sender and a receiver are on a same platform of understanding.

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